Time for HeForShe#

Once upon a time a cat wished that she should come out of the trunk and see the beauty of stars,moon amidst black sky at night. Even though, , her parents  warned her not to venture late at night, she somewhere wanted to feel the world beyond fear, connotations  and dangers of the world. She walked out as her parents slept nearby . The moment she raised her head to see the quilt of sheer beauty , she was pounced upon by a Hyena. The Hyena clinching her  by arms tried to control the fleeing cat while she resisted  but luck was her side tonight..and in the attempt,the hyena slipped,lost the tight clutch and the cat fled. 

Next morning , all the cats were really angry and complained to the lion about the hyenas and how they have been living under fear since the first attack 4 years ago. The number have increased only. But what lion saw during the meeting made him to think a different strategy. He observed a baby hyena standing near the cats looking at them innocently. He thought if the attackers become the supporters of the same cause,the problem wont exist any more. A group of eldermost hyenas were called and asked about the problem. The wise old Hyenas told that not all Hyenas attack cats. Such incidents were started by one of the notorious young hyenas of the pack to for saddistic  pleasure and a new breed of hyenas has been created who compete against each other in games of power ---who can attack a cat and prove itself a Hyena of virtue.  That they were maligning the name of Hyenas in the jungle,they did not know what to do. 

Women inequality is not a recent issue. We have mythologies describing how women sacrificed themselves in fire on death of their husbaands,king marrying fourteen wives and each wife waiting for her turn to be showered more love than the rest.women at age of 12  head shaven once her 30 year old husband died,woman wearing corsets ...probably all this would have continued for not the industrial revolution that happened around 100 years ago.

Probably the first time , woman came down to factories and got the right to be called the  bread winners, the first taste of economic and social freedom even though if tending to farms demanded and managing chores demanded more labour than now. Ans Feminism since then has been bogged down by some, ridiculed by many but has moved forward as a whole.

One of the many reasons that feminisim has not gained a universal acceptance is that it is often mistaken to be "anti-men" even by some women. Feminisim truly dosen't mean anti-men. It was never supposed to be .  Recently, a viral video "MyChoice" featuring Deepika Padukone in the lead with goal to promote woman empowerment,  went upto saying that being unfaithful in relationships is a woman;s choice and she had the equal right to do so."Equality" is fine but when it comes to crime- an eye for an eye can still be perhaps justified but, one sided attack be it by a male or female is a crime. The victim in , both the cases will be a living being with emotions,dignity and dreams. Infedility or power to counter-crime is never supposed to be women empowerment.

Women empowerment is each and every woman of the world gaining access to all her rights which she has been denied since ages in a patriarchal society. Her right to same facilities and honour of what she has been ripped of because she is a woman. Her equal right to be educated and employed as her brother at home so that she is not just mere  helper and burden  in the house. For she was born to learn and earn her own bread and live a life of dignity and independence and not be left as mere baby-producing machines once they grow up uneducated. Her right to sanitation  and  menstrual needs   for she may not skip her school during those "punishment days" rolling on the bed in pain and shame. Her right to dignity for having periods and breasts is not a crime that she has to be ashamed of. Right to walk freely without fear of being teased or touched for she is not a doll to play with. 

She is a woman-  Strong yet sensitive, Prude yet humble, Practical yet philosophical, Angry yet forgiving . For the world would  cease to exist without her , its time for at least "educated" men to understand that and rise up for the cause, for what seems to be just a women's problem today can turn to be the biggest men problem tomorrow. 

So whenever you see a woman walking behind her man with brooded shoulders trying hard to catch her "superior husbands  with an inflated chest's "speed  tell her its okay to walk at her own pace. If you see a man tearing her wife's hard earned degrees and asking her to tend to family first sacrificing her dreams and education, tell her that she has right to make her own decisions. If you see a woman being harassed mentally by her husband,son or daughter, tell her she was 
never supposed to be treated like a rag ever. Whenever you see your  woman feeding your family first and sitting down later at the dinner table, wait for her, tell her that eat with her on the table is more  important than piping hot rotis. If you see a mother tending her child and sacrificing her sleep and comfort to caress her child,  tell her she is a wonderful mother and every child of earth is greatful to mothers like her. Tell your wife its okay not to wear corsets and metallic bras, struggles to shed those extra kilos and streach marks, in attempts to look more appealing to you plans to undergo knife, plastic surgeries ,if she is undergoing so much of pain for you - tell her she is beautiful anyways.


Some love to care,
some beauty to share,
if every heart could be some generous 
sanctity wouldn't be so rare.


End of Search

searched the earth for peace 
long tiring journey ends with 
my mother's warm hug


Not far anymore

So what if night is
 long and cold today; morning...
 is not far away.
                           - Katyayani

The wait

Breath has been kept safe 
waiting for sweet fragrance some
day dreaming of spring


The Human Nature

Eh!  Man,
Your nature is such a big mystery .
Unexplained ,puzzling & translucent since history !

You have so many colours, so many looks,
Some said they found you in past ,some in books!

But Alas! Only a few could understand that you are ;
 Like an unholdable fine sand in hand …

Sometimes you are so strong that challenges storm to fight,
Sometimes a joy, so fearlessly light!

Compassion and love makes your happiness so profound,
That melts rock hard and knows no bound.

You can push the man into a depressing reality,
And also sway him towards a joyful vitality!

But who are you still throws me strangled,
Between thought and doubts, I ‘m entangled.
After all, when has been human able to fear and live?
When only it was valorous, life always had something to give.

Jeers, Cheers & Joyful tears  ,
Sorrow, pain or trembling fears
 Eh! Human
 Your nature has many colours, has many shades.
It continues to be dynamic …
endlessly,unexplained, until  life fades!..

The Twinkling Star

You are so calm, you are so bright
You silently accompany the silent moon, 
in the silent night.

Weather its dim or its horrifying dark
You always inspire to shine 
with a magnificent spark.

Your sight is so soothing , your sight is so pleasant
You twinkle charmingly above the moon crescent

If I were asked, what you want to be,
The powerful sun or the mighty sea,
I would have said, a lustrous star...
Loved and admired by all,
but still so pure twinkling afar....